Toilet Repair and Toilet Installation in Dallas Ft Worth, TX

Wilson Home Services Plumbing is ready to address your Dallas Ft Worth Toilet Repair and Toilet Installation needs.

Get the specialized plumbing repair for your brand of toilet. There is more to repairing a toilet than just unstopping it. At Wilson Home Services Plumbing we provide a toilet repair service that is specific to your brand of toilet. When your toilet is continuously running, a flapper replacement is probably the solution. On the other hand a tank that takes a long time to fill may need a new flapper as well to act as a fill valve. Another issue could be a leak around the base.  For that repair the toilet would need to be removed and reset with a new wax ring. No matter what the issue, get it fixed today by calling Wilson Home Services Plumbing at 817-825-6377.

Toilet Repair in Dallas Ft Worth TX

All toilets aren’t the same so, all toilet parts aren’t the same. There are several parts that are interchangeable and by calling a Licensed Plumbing Professional, we will make sure your toilet gets repaired correctly.

Toilet Installation in Dallas Ft Worth TX

Installing a new toilet in Dallas Ft Worth, Texas is a great idea. Replacing an older toilet with a newer high efficiency toilet can save you money every time you flush. We even have toilets that clean themselves. Call Wilson Home Services Plumbing today about a new toilet in Dallas Ft Worth, Texas.