Water Heater Repair & Replacement

When you rely on Wilson Home Services for water heater repair or water heater replacement, you can expect professional service from a licensed & skilled plumber. Wilson Home Services offers 24-hour emergency water heater service, so you will have hot water again as quickly as possible—the same day in most cases.

If a replacement water heater is necessary, a Wilson Home Services water heater expert will help you determine which one is right for your home and budget, taking into consideration your family’s water heating needs and energy usage expectations. Most any type or brand can be installed, including a tankless water heater.

Types of Water Heaters

Conventional Water Heater
Conventional water heaters store water in a tank and are accessible in an assortment of gallon limits. Electric or gas fuel source is required to keep up the water at a set temperature until the point that a fixture is turned on and water is pulled through the pipe. A conventional electric or gas water heater should last around 11 years. More up to date conventional water heaters are more vitality productive than more established models. A high-effectiveness model can diminish water warming bills by around 7 percent.

Tankless Water Heater
A tankless water heater is by and large viewed as more vitality effective on the grounds that they heat water just as it is required. At the point when the tap is turned on, the heater goes to work and supplies persistent high temp water. A tankless water heater frequently requires less space and can hold tight a divider, however may require bigger gas lines, uncommon venting or extra electric circuits that add to the forthright expenses. In any case, a tankless water heater has a future of 15-20 years and may lessen water heating bills by as much as 30 percent.

HVAC - Air Conditioning and Heating

Before the seasons turn, it's a good idea to have a professional cooling company service your air conditioner to make sure it will be working properly when you need it. A comfortable room temperature is a must in your home so we take care of your full cooling needs. With the hot and humid summers in the Dallas / Fort Worth area, it is important to make sure your air conditioning unit stays working. If you are in need of air conditioner repair and service in DFW and the surrounding areas, you can count on Wilson Home Services. 

We service all central air conditioning brands and models. Not only do we repair cooling systems, we also provide free estimates on air conditioner replacement as well.  

Besides providing emergency air conditioner repair and air conditioner replacement, we offer preseason inspection and system start-up to ensure that your system is ready to go. This service ensures you and your family stay cool all summer long by providing a comprehensive troubleshooting checkup. Our expert technicians go through an extensive checklist to complete this inspection. So if there is anything wrong with your system, we would make the necessary recommendations to improve your comfort level.

Victor Wilson is one of the only owner/contractors in the Entire state of Texas that hold Master Licenses in ALL TRADES. Electrical, Plumbing, HVAC & Commercial Refrigeration

Electrical Repair & Service

Wilson Home Services is ready to get your Electrical Repair & Service handled properly and efficiently. We offer pricing and package options on every job, so that our customers may choose an option that best fits both their service and budget needs, as well as a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and experience the satisfaction and peace of mind that comes with using the best in the business!

Our Residential Electrical Services includes:

  • Recessed Can Lighting
  • Track Lighting
  • Security Lighting
  • Ceiling Fan Installation
  • Attic Fan Installation
  • Inspections & Wiring
  • Breaker Box Wiring
  • Electrical Inspection
  • Electrical Wiring
  • Phone Wiring
  • Home Systems
  • Emergency Generators
  • Electrical Vehicle Charging Station
  • Television Installation
  • Surround System Wiring and Installation
  • Service Upgrades & Electrical Panels
  • Whole House Surge Protection
  • Lighting Services
  • Electrical Set-Up & Re-Wiring For Homes
  • Electrical Outlet Installation & Repair
  • Ceiling Fan Installation & Replacement
  • Copalum & Aluminum Wiring Repair
  • Thermal Imaging
  • Emergency & Backup Generator Installation

In addition to single family residential services, we are also experienced with multi-unit residential housing. The electrical services we provide include safety inspections and repairs, replacing old aluminum wiring with high grade copper, landscape lighting and exterior security lighting, hot tub and sauna hookups, appliance wiring, breaker panel upgrades, specialized wiring for television and entertainment systems.

Victor Wilson is one of the only owner/contractors in the Entire state of Texas that hold Master Licenses in ALL TRADES. Electrical, Plumbing, HVAC & Commercial Refrigeration

Quality Plumbing Service

If you're looking for professional plumbers in Keller, Texas, then look no further than Wilson Home Services. Whether it's a small to a big issue, you can count on us to help! By putting your trust in our professional plumbers should handle your plumbing issues, in order to make sure your plumbing functions at its best. Don't hesitate to give us a call - plumbing issues can get more complicated and costly as time goes on.

Plumbing Services:

  • Sewer and Drain Cleaning
  • Sewer and Drain Repair
  • Water Heaters
  • Sump Pump Repair Service
  • Pipe Leaks
  • Frozen Pipes
  • Water Line Repair and Re-Piping
  • Main Drain Repairs and Replacing
  • Toilets
  • Sinks and Faucet Repairs and Installations

Plumbing problems can happen when you least expect them. While some issues only require a quick fix, it’s still important to conduct the necessary repair work as soon as possible in order to avoid further damage down the road. Wilson Home Services will help you with plumbing issues big and small, so avoid the hassle of trying to handle plumbing problems yourself and give Wilson Home Services a call.

Replacing faulty taps or fixing a broken toilet can be tricky, for instance. Conducting regular checks and maintenance is essential, therefore, if you want to keep your plumbing system in good condition. So, you'll need superior workmanship and courteous support from a skilled plumber in Texas.

At Wilson Home Services, we take pride in the knowledge that Victor Wilson, the company owner, is one of the very few contractors in Texas to hold a Master License in ALL TRADES, including Electrical, Plumbing, HVAC, and Commercial refrigeration. We have over 38 years of experience in the industry, so we can guarantee quick troubleshooting and effective plumbing repairs.

Our plumbing professionals will help you with any plumbing issue you experience. We hire only experienced technicians to guarantee a cost-effective solution to your emergency needs. On top of that, our plumbers in Keller are also up-to-date on the latest industry tools, which help them make a quick plumbing diagnosis. Avoid the hassle of fixing plumbing problems by yourself and give us a call.

At Wilson Home Services, we want you to get a fair deal when you turn to us for plumbing repair work. This is why we offer upfront pricing with every job. We only carry out work with your approval to eliminate any surprises. So, be careful of plumbing companies that refuse to give you a phone quote or a price range for a standard water heater replacement. Others might even offer you an "annual membership" to receive a discount on overpriced services.

Make sure you choose only plumbing services you can trust. As a full-service expert plumber since 1982, you will enjoy the benefits of working with a professional team of experienced, local plumbers. Get in touch with us today to request an appointment.

HVAC Comprehensive Tuneups, Cleaning & Inspection

I have created the most comprehensive & unique checklist that covers testing component & functionality of the entire heating or cooling system. I equate this to being very similar to putting your high performance sports car's engine on a dynamometer.
I make absolutely sure that the heating or cooling is operating at it's utmost capacity, efficiency & safety!

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